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5yr male was brought to the opd with complains of biting and beating family members after fever for ...
Author :   sangeeta kumar
Last Activity : 10/18/2012
Replies : 1
Hi! Should we investigate first episode of un-provoked afebrile seizure in children aged 1 year to 1...
Author :   Zareen Farhat
Last Activity : 10/11/2012
Replies : 1
Multiple sclerosis in pediatric age is not common. I have 6 cases seen over 25 years of Neurologica...
Author :   ANIS JAMIL
Last Activity : 8/29/2012
Replies : 0
very wide posterior fontanell and anterior fontanell in 14 day baby who is not dysmorphic and with n...
Author :   sameer
Last Activity : 6/24/2012
Replies : 4
Case History:
My Cousin, 14 years old Female adolescent was suffering from Eryth...

Author :   pankaj bohra
Last Activity : 11/22/2011
Replies : 2
which combination of AED can be used together which should never be used together {1}-eptoin, {2}-va...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 11/15/2011
Replies : 1
I have a 6 yr boy brought with acute confusion, stuporous with no long tract signs- metabolic, infec...
Author :   Riaz Syed
Last Activity : 11/15/2011
Replies : 1
some doctor advised to tapper down tab frisium when patient is on two drugs like valparin and frisiu...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 2/22/2011
Replies : 0
a 11 year old developmentally normal child presented with myoclonic type movements which started in ...
Author :   vikrant sood
Last Activity : 2/14/2011
Replies : 1
A nine year old boy who is otherwise well has sudden loss of consciousness when he hyper extends his...
Author :   Prasad Rao C M
Last Activity : 7/29/2010
Replies : 0

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