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Medical Calculators
Medical Calculators App Tool provides various medical calculators under different categories like growth, conversion, renal, pregnancy, blood pressure, blood group detection, critical care, drug dose calculators, diarrhea solution, blood reference values, Endocrine tests, Antibody tests, etc.
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Medical Calculators - Android App
Growth Calculators
This medical calculator section provides tools to calculate Body mass index (BMI), Basal metabolic rate (BMR), Body surface area (BSA) etc.

Conversion Calculators
Here medical calculator app provides calculators for Temperature, Length and Weight Conversion.

Renal Conversion
It calculates Serum osmolality, Bicarbonate base excess, creatinine clearance, Anion gap etc

Pregnancy Calculators
This category contains collection of different pregnancy related calculators includes APGAR, ovulation date, pregnancy due date, conception date calculators.

Blood Pressure Calculator
This Medical Calculator helps you to find out whether your current systolic or diastolic blood pressure is within normal range.

Blood Group Detection
Blood Group Medical Calculator helps you to find probable blood group of child based on Parents blood group.

Critical Care
These medical calculators include various complicated calculations done at critical care basis that includes A-a Gradient, ET Size, Normal Respiratory Rate etc.

Drug Dose Calculator
This drug dose medical calculator calculates dose volume to be given for particular drug used in emergency basis using patient’s weight.

Diarrhea Solution
This category of medical calculator provides fluids for diarrhea solution and their IV drip flow rates.

Blood Reference Values
includes WBC count, blood indices, immunoglobulin reference values, corrected reticulocyte calculator etc.

Endocrine and Antibodies Test
This medical calculator provides interpretation of thyroid function test and gives list of antibodies positive and their associated diseases.

Drugs Interaction Calculator
Drug interaction medical calculator helps to check out drug to drug interactions.

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