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Pediatric Oncall introduce "ALL IN ONE PACKAGE" of medical apps. We provide medically informative and dynamic apps containing Medical Calculators, Drug Index, Post Query, Image Gallery, Diagnostic Aid, MCQ Quiz, Vaccine Reminder, Video Podcast, Teaching Files, Pediatric Oncall Newsletters with updated App Directory.
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Medical Calculators
Pediatric Oncall App provides various medical calculators under different categories like growth, conversion, renal, pregnancy, blood pressure, blood group detection, critical care, drug dose calculators, diarrhea solution, blood reference values, Endocrine tests, Antibody tests, etc.

Drug Index
This Pediatric Oncall App tool is like a drug dictionary. Here drug lists are sorted in A-Z format. Selection of a specific drug provides its mechanism, indications, contradictions, dosing, adverse effects and interactions.

Post Query
This section of Pediatric Oncall App is for those who want expert advice in some medical cases. Appropriate answer will be given by our expert panel by email.

Image Gallery
Image Gallery App presents spot diagnosis of the month. A clinical image is displaced and you can answer this quiz. Correct answer is displayed immediately.

Diagnostic Aid
This Pediatric Oncall App tool provides various clinical differential diagnosis by entering clinical symptoms.

MCQ Quiz
This section of Pediatric Oncall App is for those who are interested in multiple choices questions in pediatrics (for MRCPCH and DNB). MCQ Quiz can be taken online with an immediate assessment of results with strong and weak points.

Vaccine Reminder
Vaccine reminder is a service which helps to create users to get their child's vaccine schedule. Here user need to register his child name. After registering program shows complete vaccine schedule. This vaccine reminder scheduler will send reminder email and SMS to user before vaccine due date.

Video Podcasts
Video Podcasts is a Pediatric Oncall App provides Video features reviews, lectures, clinical examinations and pediatric clinics published on Pediatric Oncall.

Teaching Files
This Pediatric Oncall App are monthly grand rounds where a case is discussed by an expert and then correct answer is displayed after a month.

Newsletter provides latest updates on Pediatric Oncall in a particular month. Also access to latest issue of Pediatric Oncall can be availed through this section.

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