East Zone Pedicon 2005, Guwahati
Falciparum Malaria An Over Views Dr.C.K.Talukdar
What Is New In Malaria Management ? Dr. PC Bhattacharyya
Alleviating Protein-Energy Malnutrition, Micronutrient Deficiencies - The Challenge C.S.Das
Acute Life Threatening Asthma Jaydeep Choudhury
Cerebral Malaria Dr. Gadadhar Sarangi
Combined Vaccination Against Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B
Depression in children Dr.Ksh. Chourjit Singh
Early Detection and Interventions in Respiratory Failure Dr Nigam Prakash Narain
Effects of Iron deficiency on Physical and Mental functions in Children Dr. S.P. Srivastava
Low Osmolarity ORS: The Advantages (Against The Motion) Dr Pravakar Mishra,MD
Low Osmolarity ORS: The Advantage Dr Arati Deka
Neonatal Screening Principles And Practice In India And Switzerland Dr. Amar Kr. Verma, M.D. Ph.D. D.C.H.
Nimesulide Dr.B.B.Sahni
Paracetamol Nimesulide
Case Study Of A New Born With Arf Secondary To Severe Birth Asphyxia Dr. Geetanjali Sahariah Khound, DCH, Dr. Prakritish Bora, MD, Dr. R.K.Borkotoky, MD, Dr. A.L.Saha, MD, DCH, Dr. Tonmoy Das , MD DM (Nephrology)
Clinical Study Of Pediatric Tetanus A Hospital Based Study Dr. Sanjeev Chetry, Dr. Kamal Lochan Bora, Prof. D.K. Patgiri
Methicillin resistant S.aureus (MRSA) Dr Ritabrata Kundu
An Unusual Case Of Condyloma Acuminata With Maggots Prof. Renuka Mohanty, Dr. S.Mahapatro, Dr. S.S.Kar, Dr. J.P.Mahapatra
Traditional Breast Feeding Practices In Slums Under Guwahati Municipal Corporation Prof.J.N. Sharma, Dhrubajyoti Sharma
Ultrasonography In Observation Of Fetal Development And In Detection Of Fetal Anomalies
Prevention of Transmission of the Human Immuno Deficiency Virus from MOTHER to her FETUS & INFANT Th.Nabachandra
Global Network For Women's And Children's Health Research S. Parida, P. Panigrahi, R. Satpathy, S. Mohapatra, P. R. Misra, L. Pradhan, I. Gewolb, J. Johnson, J. G Morris, L. Wright, K. Poole, V. Rao.
Artificial & Synthetic Colours And Flavours At Work
The Big Debate: Infant Feeding And HIV Dr. S. Katyayan MBBS, MD, PGDMLS.
Combination Vaccines Dr. Shyama Saikia
Clinico-Epidemiological Study Of PEM Among Asomiya Children Tanushree R Peters, Dr.(Mrs.) P Kalita
Visual Round of IAP practitioner's quiz
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