An Arm Positioner and Pipe-Gym Assembly Device for children with Cerebral Palsy
Use of assistive aids and devices are an integral part of management of children with cerebral palsy. Positioning devices often serve as assistance to the therapist and the parents during the therapy sessions. However, in order to be used with efficiency the positioning devices should be: a) serve the purpose b) simple to use and c) economically viable.

This paper describes the method of making the arm-positioner and gym assembly by the locally available resources. It is made of material using high-density sponge and PVC pipes and can be easily assembled at home or working units.

The arm-positioner device and the gym assembly are designed with the purpose to help the child with cerebral palsy to attain the midline control of arms and antigravity postures and movements. The rationale for its use and advantage and limitations are also described.

The use of the positioner device may encourage the therapist and the parents to address other goals during the therapy session with simultaneous facilitation of midline control of arms in children with cerebral palsy.
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