Customized Therapeutic Positioner to Improve Flexor tone in Preterm infants at NICU
  • To design a customized therapeutic positioner
  • To compare the effectiveness of therapeutic positioner to improve flexor tone in preterm infants between experimental and control groups

Methodology: Study was conducted on pre-term infants who were admitted in neonatology unit of Nair Hospital. The procedure was designed to fit with in the usual routine of nurses and neonatologists. 40 pre-term infants were taken for this study. Therapeutic positioning was administered to the infants in experimental group. Minimum of 12 hours positioning was administered per day for a period of 4 weeks in supine position. Amiel-Tison scale was used to collect objective data of various angles. Three (follow up) assessments were taken. Materials used for the making of positioner were insulated flexible electric wire, sterilized cotton and gaily coloured polythene cover.

Results: The data were analyzed by using 2 tailed paired t tests. Significant improvement seen in adductor angle (p<0.001); heel to ear (p<0.006): popliteal angle (p<0.001): ankle angle (p<0.001)

Discussion and Conclusion: Skeletal deformities of abnormal posture are accepted hazard of improper positioning is not difficult either to teach or to learn and to change practice would involve minimal financial outlay. Only by changing our perceptions of the babies, future will be able to change our care to include good positioning. This study suggest that custom-made therapeutic positioner is effective in improving flexor tone in pre-term infants.
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