Abhinav Sharma*, Ujjal Poddar**, UC Ghoshal***, SK Yachha****
SGPGI, Lucknow *, SGPGI, Lucknow **, SGPGI, Lucknow ***, SGPGI, Lucknow****
Aim: To determine the value of investigative procedures in finding out the etiology of Recurrent Abdominal Pain (RAP) in children.

Materials & Methods: 83 children with recurrent abdominal pain satisfying Apley's criteria in the age group 4-12 years attending Pediatric Gastroenterology OPD in ICH&HC between July 2004 to July 2005 were prospectively evaluated with complete physical examination and detailed investigations.

Results: The mean age of the patients was 6 years and male to female ratio was 1:2 stool microscopy was positive for ascariasis in 3, giardiasis in 2 & amoebiasis in 1. Urine culture was positive in 4 children. USG abdomen showed renal calculus in 1 child. Barium study showed malabsorbtion pattern in 22, malrotation in 1, ascaris worm in 2 & features suggestive of Koch's in 1. UGI endoscopy showed esophagitis in 7, esophagogastritis in 1, gastritis in 1, gastritis + duodenitis in 2, duodenitis in 4 and deformed duodenal bulb and gastric mucosal prolapse in 1 each. Mantoux, Chest and abdominal X-ray, urine routine were not contributory, 5 children were diagnosed as pancreatitis with high serum amylase. 3 children fitted with the diagnosis of somatisation disorder. 46 children were found to have dysfunctional pain.

Conclusion: RAP is one of the commonest childhood problems, which cannot be ignored in view of high accidence of organic cause. The efficacy of certain investigations like Barium Meal Series & UGI scopy was high (31.2 & 22.9 respectively). Gastro esophageal Reflux (GOR) was found to be a major cause, which is often missed unless looked for. Psychogenic pain constitutes a very small percentage.
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