Dr. Amit Raut*, Dr. Sudhakar Jadhav**
Sushrut Jadhav Kinderchirurgie Ch. Trust's Paed. Surg. Centre, & PG. Institute, Sangli, India.*, Sushrut Jadhav Kinderchirurgie Ch. Trust's Paed. Surg. Centre, & PG. Institute, Sangli, India.**
Aims & Objectives: Fetus in Fetu is a rare condition. We present a case report, which is managed successfully.

Materials & Methods: 6 month male infant presented with abdominal distension of one month duration. On examination, there was huge intra-abdominal lump. X-ray abdomen revealed cranial bones with well formed spine. USG abdomen showed well formed fetal organs. Exploratory Laparotomy revealed 15x12x12 cm, solid and cystic mass with pedunculated attachment, which was excised easily. 3D CT Scan of the specimen also revealed cranial bones, vertebral column and other components.

Results: Post-operative period was uneventful. Baby has recovered well.

  • Fetus in fetu is a rare entity with varied presentation.
  • This case is successfully managed.
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