Outcome Analysis Of A Tertiary Level Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit In Punjab
Pooni PA*, Gautam A**, Garg KK***, Singal A****, Buddhiraja S. *****
DMC & H, Ludhiana-141001, India. *, DMC & H, Ludhiana-141001, India. **, DMC & H, Ludhiana-141001, India. ***, DMC & H, Ludhiana-141001, India. ****, DMC & H, Ludhiana-141001, India. *****
To study the clinical profile and outcome of children admitted to a PICU.
Retrospective study over a year.
PICU of a tertiary care hospital.
Status at admission and investigation within first 12 hours analyzed and correlated to the outcome.
Of 250 patients 29.2% (n = 73) were neonates followed by infants (27.2%). Male: Female ratio was 3.24:1.00. Mean age of the non-neonates was 4.33 years and average PICU stay was 3.39 days. The most common system involved was respiratory (27.6%) followed closely by CNS (26.0%) and multi-organ with 3 systems involved (22.4%). Sepsis, pneumonia, encephalitis and meningitis were the commonest diagnoses accounting for 50.40% (n = 126) admissions. Mortality was 27.2% (n = 68) and 17.2% left against medial advice. Neonates had maximum mortality (30.13%). Factors relating significantly with adverse outcome (mortality/LAMA) were GCS 7 OR 2.71 (95% CI 2.04 - 3.59), presence of shock OR 3.13, non-maintainable airway OR 2.43, thrombocytopenia OR 1.44, urea>40 OR 1.40, creatinine> 1.2 OR 2.11, deranged PT OR 1.93, hyponatremia OR 1.45, hypernatremia OR 1.72, hyperkalemia OR 1.55 and mixed acidosis OR 2.15.
Status at admission can predict outcome in PICU. GCS, shock, azotemia, thrombocytopenia and dyselectrolytemia associated with an adverse outcome.
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