To Study The Distribution Of Rheumatic Diseases In A City Based Pediatric Referral Hospital
Pradip Kumar Das*, Uttam Sarkar **
From the Department of Paediatric Medicine, Dr. V C Roy Memorial Hospital for Children, Kolkata*, From the Department of Paediatric Medicine, Dr. V C Roy Memorial Hospital for Children, Kolkata**
To determine the distribution of pediatric rheumatic diseases, its pattern and outcome.
In a busiest pediatric Referral Hospital cum Post Graduate Teaching institution in Kolkata.
A retrospective study was conducted in our Hospital for all rheumatic diseases during the year 2003-2004. After verification of all bed head tickets. All rheumatic diseases were enrolled in the study. Diagnosis was made by the senior physicians as per standard guideline in the text.
Among total 15,692 cases, there were 87 cases of rheumatic diseases were detected during this period. This gives the proportional case rate 0.55%. Out of these cases rheumatic fever contributed bulk of cases, i.e. 31 cases (35.6%). This was followed by JRA 29 cases (33.3%) and HSP 19 cases (21.87%). Kawasaki diseases (5 cases) and Juvenile dermatomyositis (3 cases) had insignificant contribution. Among 31 rheumatic fever cases, 21 developed carditis (67.7%) with one death. In rheumatoid arthritis, polyarticular JRA cases predominated the picture (17 cases) with mean age of on set at 8.17 year with a male preponderance of 12:5 ratios. Two systemic JRA patients expired.
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