Dr.Hemant Joshi, M.D.D.C.H*, Dr.Archana Joshi,M.D.D.C.H**
Department of Pediatrics.*, Department of Pediatrics.**
  • Make Namaste with folded hands your welcome greeting. It is understood by every one from womb to tomb. The face of the grandmother, grandfather and every one brightens up with a happy smile. It instantly creates a heart bond between the pediatrician and the child and the family. This bond is our best protection against consumer protection act. Experience it and tell it to all. Say Salaam Alekum to Muslims, jai jinendra to jains, Vanakkam to Tamilians.
  • From Singapore we brought a laser torch. It measure the length traveled by the laser beam. It cost $65 at Mustafa's Mall.
  • n Maharashtra state assembly, opposition party MLA asked the question that, malnutrition causes deaths and state government provides Khichri to these children. Does it mean that khichri is the treatment of malnutrition? This was starred question. After study done by the department experts, the Hon. Minister answered that khichri is not the treatment of malnutrition. It is a supplemental food. The assembly was satisfied with the response. Next day it was published in all the major dailies and Maharashtra was satisfied. Then I realized that calling starvation as malnutrition and not starvation is biggest mistake of the century. It is wrong diagnosis. When we call starvation as starvation, we need to give food to the starved one. But when we call it malnutrition, then it becomes a disease requiring medical attention just like other diseases like Dengue or Malaria. Typhoid and boils are diseases belonging to group of bacterial illnesses. The diagnosis is typhoid and not bacterial disease. Polio and chickenpox belong to the group of viral illnesses. Similarly obesity and starvation belong to the group of malnutrition; henceforth we should call starvation as starvation and not malnutrition.
  • Marathi becomes second official language of Maharashtra state branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. At the recently held annual general body meeting of IAP Maharastra state branch, held at Amaravati it was unanimously resolved that Marathi will be second official language of IAP Maharastra state branch. The resolution was proposed by Dr. Hemant Joshi and seconded by 80% of them had their school education in Marathi and their thinking language was Marathi, their mother tongue. Similar situation would be true in all states.
  • In our mother tongue, and in the language we think, we communicate, learn and retain knowledge in JET speed. In English we crawl. English has on one side given us the knowledge. Yet it is one of the bottles necks in communicating as it is not the thinking language of vast majority of Indian doctors, nurses, health workers and people and children. Empowering people with knowledge on childcare is the most economical way of improving child survival and reducing childhood morbidity.
  • In 1947 when India became independent, average life expectancy was 37 years. Today it is doubled to 67 years. Inference: Our Independent Motherland has doubled everyone's life. We owe half of our life, breath money to our country. It is only fair that we spend it for the betterment of our country.
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