Dr Arunkumar J*, Dr Rajamurali S**, Dr Lakshmi S***, Dr Kumarasamy K****, Dr Sundaraman PG*****, Dr Vasanthamallika TK******
ICH & HC *, ICH & HC **, ICH & HC***, ICH & HC****, ICH & HC *****, ICH & HC ******
To study and correlate the clinical and immunological profile of HIV in children.
Prospective. Setting: HIV clinic at a pediatric tertiary care center in an urban metropolis.
48 HIV positive children between 1½ and 12 years were included with a minimum follow up period of one year.
Majority of children (45.8% m, n = 22) were under 3 years of age. Recurrent febrile illness and recurrent respiratory infection were the commonest presenting illness 91.7% and 81.3% respectively. Tuberculosis was found in 54.2% (n = 26) and malnutrition was found in 97.9% (n = 47). According to the CDC clinical categorization, majority were in category B (47.9%, n = 23). Baseline mean CD4+ T cell count and total leucocyte count were 459.7 (9 - 3060) and 4046.34 (100 - 15,300) respectively. 52.1% by CD4+ T cell count and 68.8% by CD4+ T cell percentage were in immunological category III.
The clinical presentation in children is different from that in adults with rapid progression and late diagnosis in children. There is also a significant increase in immune response with simple supportive measures.
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