Dr. Kalpana Shete *
KMC as practiced in private set up is no different from that practiced in tertiary setups. If at all, it is the perception of the health providers and those seeking medical services in private setup, that machines and incubators are better than human services. I have been practicing Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) since the past 5 years and have yet to find a machine that can be as effective and as caring, loving and responsible as mother's love. While providing KMC, it is this love that I try to base my KMC and it is this very love that gets crushed when the baby is kept in the insensitive NICU. I was fortunate to be associated with the infant while it was in utero and administration of aspirin and steroids helped me in restricting the stay of the neonate in the NICU. The baby was promptly switched over to KMC from NICU and we found the babies gaining weight and developing faster with the protocol that we followed. High risk obstetric care was instituted for the pregnant lady whenever there was perceived or threatened adverse neonatal outcome. Glucocorticoids to prevent RDS & HMD were administered and Colour Doppler studies were done to ascertain the blood flow status to the fetus. This helped in faster stabilization of respiration and early institution of KMC than those babies where for some reasons there was no administration of steroids. I have found stabilization of autonomic nervous system and fast recovery of the newborn. Psychological testing of some of the babies who were given KMC was done and is analyzed.
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