Swarna Rekha Bhat*, Arpana Iyengar**, Maria Lewin***, Anand P. ****
Department of Pediatrics.*, Department of Pediatrics.**, Department of Pediatrics.***, Department of Pediatrics.****
This is a retrospective study done in a tertiary care hospital in Bangalore. The study has spanned from 1999-2005 and has 22 patients. The Male:Female ratio was 1:2.6. Weight loss was seen in nearly all patients and fever was present in 90% of patients. Neurological involvement in the form of seizures was seen in 7 of 22 patients (32%). Hypertension was present in 4 of 22 patients (18%). Malar rash was present in 5/22 (23%). Skin involvement was present in 36% of patients. Arthritis was seen in 12 of 22 patients (54.5%). Oral ulcers were seen in 27% patients. Hepatosplenomegaly was seen in 32% patients. Anemia was present in 12 patients (54.5%). Renal involvement was seen in 13 patients (59%). ANA was positive in 17 patients (77.2%). 14 out 22 patients were fitting into definition of SLE. 3 patients died because of the disease (mortality - 13.6%).
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