Dr. Swarna Rekha Bhat*, Dr. Arpana Iyengar**, Dr. Maria Lewin***, Dr. Anand P.****
Department of Pediatrics.*, Department of Pediatrics.**, Department of Pediatrics.***, Department of Pediatrics.****
This is a retrospective study done in a tertiary care hospital in Bangalore from 1999-2005. Eleven cases have been considered out of which 9 are males and 2 are females (M:F: 4.5:1). The youngest patient was 7 months old female child. The duration of onset of symptoms to the time diagnosis was from 7 to 14 days in most of cases. Fever was present in all patients (100%). Rash and lymphadenopathy were present in 73% of cases. Conjunctivitis was present in 64% of cases. Periungual desquamation and oral mucosal involvement were present in 9 of 11 patients (82%). Typical Kawasaki disease meeting 4 criteria along with fever was diagnosed in 7 of 11 patients. Rest of the cases met 3 out of the 4 criteria. Arthritis was present in 4 out of the 11 patients (36%). Irritability was present in 4 of the 11 patients (36%). Elevated platelet count was present in 73% of cases. Elevated leukocyte count was seen in 9 out of 11 patients (82%). ESR was found to be significantly elevated in 9 of the 11 patients. 2D ECHO revealed coronary artery dilatation in 4 of 11 cases and valvular regurgitation in 1 of the 11 patients which subsequently resolved on follow up ECHO. 9 of the 11 patients received IVIG and all patients received aspirin and defervescence was seen within 24 hours in al the patients. Mortality was seen in one patient and this was also the youngest patient of all.
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