Dr. S. K. Jha*
Prof., H.O.D., Pediatrics Nepalgunj Medical College Nepalgunj (Nepal).*
Mentally Retarded children are of special interest for the pediatricians because of various associated risks and handicaps. But occasionally, we find mentally advanced and exceptionally gifted children. This distinct exceptionality is very much positive, both for the child prodigy and the family. This condition is regarded as mirror image, i.e., reverse of mental retardation. However, children with learning disability, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and initial under-achievers sometimes, become exceptionally talented, such as world-renowned scientist Albert Einstein and great Sanskrit author Kalidas. Tathaghat Tulsi of Bihar became M. Sc. Physics at the age of 12 years and Akrit Jaiswal aged 10 years from Himachal Pradesh, is a child prodigy with considerable knowledge of medical science, particularly Neurosurgery.

Gifted children have many characteristics and early markers. Some of the examples are asynchrony in different developmental domains. Advanced language and reasoning skill, Conversation, Reasoning and Questioning Curiosity and interests like older children, Indulging in fantasy play and story telling, capacity for independent self-directed activities, special talent in specific areas like drawing, painting, mathematics, music, mimicry, computer games and leadership activities. Autistic children may be exceptional in certain selected fields which is known as Little Professor Syndrome or Asperger syndrome.

There is a wide open field for future research in the subject of "Prediction of Mental Advancement and Talent in a Neonate or a Small Infant".
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