Dr. Sukanta Chatterjee *
The Bulletin of Adolescent Health Clinic Kolkata is a joint effort of Adolescent Pediatric Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, West Bengal and Adolescent Health Clinic, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College, Kolkata.

This venture is taken primarily for two reasons. First of all, to share the experiences we gather at the Adolescent Health Clinic since most of the information on adolescent health is 'imported' and we need to know the health needs and nature of health issues of our adolescents. Secondly, to communicate some of the established basic information on adolescent health to health care providers as the training curriculum for the fresh health professionals contains little of adolescent health issues. The working health professional too have very little scope of gathering hands on experience due to lack of existing adolescent health care points in health establishments.

Besides accommodating clinic activity and information, the Bulletin invites original experiences from health care providers. We propose it as a quarterly scientific publication. I am personally thankful to the Editorial Board for the extensive and exacting contribution in finalizing the get up, logo and the editorial work. My special thanks goes to the composer and the printer for completing this hurried but time-bound work. I am really happy to see this 'Inaugural' issue of the Bulletin being released on the occasion of Adolecon 2005, the 5th National Conference of Adolescent Pediatric Chapter of IAP at Science City, Kolkata on 5th and 6th November, 2005.

Being attracted to the adolescent health, I have learnt first-hand that change (even for improving the adolescent health seeking behavior) can be so incredibly slow and frustrating. And yet, what amazes me is that so many people I have met in adolescent health keep at it, with new and exciting ideas. It's the people who do adolescent health that keep it going and don't allow a slow 'system' to stop them. The adolescents being a fast changing population what alarms me is the outcome of the application of the experiences we gather from this slow system, since our adolescents might have changed by the time we apply this experience on the health system meant for their betterment and it may not work.
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