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A 2 years old girl presented with pallor without organomegaly. She had hyperpigmentation of fingers. Her hemogram showed pancytopenia with megaloblastic changes. Her Vitamin B12 levels were normal {825} and iron studies and hemoglobin electrophoresis were normal. Bone marrow examination showed hemophagocytes. However, serum fibrinogen was normal {167}, Ferritin was slightly elevated {447} but triglycerides were very high {2064}. Her HDL cholesterol, cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol were normal. Her liver function tests showed increased SGPT {150 IU, L}. On follow up after 2 months, on and folic and B12 supplementation her triglycerides were normal {159}, her SGPT had decreased to 56 IU, L and hemogram was normal.
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Author :- mahmoud refaee on 07 October 2013.
Answer :- shwachman syndrom

Author :- sarita ranadive on 08 October 2013.
Answer :- Hemophagocytosis syndrome-primary, secondary due toinfections{ebv,dmv,leishmania,parvovirus},malignancy,autoimmune or drugs

Author :- shady ahmaid on 08 October 2013.
Answer :- vitamin b12 deficiency

Author :- jagdishkoti on 09 October 2013.
Answer :- probably a reacative response of live to pancytopenia and b 12 deficency like in nephrotic sydrome which responded to the iron and b 12 thearpy

Author :- Ilene Z Coopersmith on 10 October 2013.
Answer :- hemophagocytic anemia

Author :- R N Singh on 11 October 2013.
Answer :- Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency

Author :- ahmad abdallah on 12 October 2013.
Answer :- live failur

Author :- gautam kar on 12 October 2013.
Answer :- Jemophagocytosis

Author :- arjun pandey on 16 October 2013.
Answer :- H L H

Author :- Ulrike Salzer Muhar on 16 October 2013.
Answer :- non-neoplastic hemophagocytic syndrome

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