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Last Updated : 10/1/2014
Bharat R Agarwal
Apart from loss of vision and systemic spread of the disease, it has been found that 5% to 15% of children with either familial, multifocal or bilateral Retinoblastoma may develop an intracranial neuroblastic tumor (pinealoma). Also, patients with germline type of tumor may have increased risk of second malignant neoplasms e.g. osteosarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas & melanomas. Children with germline tumor may develop bilateral disease even if only one eye is involved at presentation. Hence, they should be examined frequently for the development of new Retinoblastoma tumors. It has been recommended that they should be examined every 2 to 4 months for at least 28 months and following treatment followed up until 7 years of age.

If the relapse is confined to the eye and tumor is small, it can be treated with local therapy alone. The prognosis for vision and survival is excellent.

If relapse is confined to the eye, but is extensive, treatment with etoposide & carboplatin can be tired. The prognosis for vision is poor but survival remains excellent. If relapse is extraocular, the prognosis is less than 50%.

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Bharat R Agarwal
Pediatric Hematologist- Oncologist, Division of Pediatric Hem-Onco, B.J. Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India

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Last Updated : 10/1/2014


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