Retinoblastoma : Presentation, Diagnosis, Treatment, Complications
Early diagnosis and treatment is of vital importance as the prognosis depends greatly on it. A purely intraocular disease has nearly 100% survival . If treatment is delayed, and the disease spreads beyond the optic nerve , the prognosis drops to 95% mortality .
Hence, avoid delay in diagnosis by a prompt visit to the ophthalmologist, in case of a squint, white eye reflex or unexplained redness etc of the eye. A dilated retinal examination is mandatory to reasonably rule out retinoblastoma.

Enucleation surgery for retinoblastoma is best performed by dedicated specialist, since getting a long optic nerve is of vital importance in case of there is early invasion of the nerve.
Genetic counselling is important for tumor surveillance in proband, identify at risk relatives , and prenatal surveillance in at risk pregnancies. Screening of parents and siblings in the form of dilated funduscopy is recommended.

An i phone app called "CRADLE white eye detector" by Bryan Shaw has been recently developed for parents to screen the white eye appearance of their children's eyes.

Retinoblastoma is now curable and hardly fatal. Eye and vision salvage rates are increasing every year Pediatric ophthalmologists should be aware of the presentation of the disease, particularly in families with history of RB, and should promptly refer patients with leukocoria, strabismus, or any other suspicious manifestation to the RB specialist.

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