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ArrivaCostaRica,com123456Pavas, Costa Rica
Asociacion Costarricense de Salud Publica506-223-0333Apartado Postal 4685-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
Biblioteca Virtual en Salud123456San Jose, Costa Rica
Burstin Clinic San Jose506-233-1514P.O. Box 8040-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
Caja Costarricense de Securo Social123456San Jose, Costa Rica
Cardiovascular Diagnostic Centers(506)-234-0962San Jose, Costa Rica
Central American Institute of Cardiology506-222-7945San Jose, Costa Rica
Centro de Diabetes y Endocrinologia506-253-2557San Jose, Costa Rica
Cirujanos Plasticos S.A506-223-7069Paseo Colon, 1st. Avenue, 24th. and 26th. Streets, San Jose, Costa Rica
Clinica de Estetica Bel - Viso(506)-234-6039Plaza del Castillio, San Jose, Costa Rica
Clinica Laser Visual506-290-3796P.O. Box 5684-{1000}. San Jose, San Jose, 2050 Costa Rica
Clinica San Angel - Dentistry506-253-6767Apdo Postal 328-2010, Guadalupe, Costa Rica
Colegio de Medicos y Cirujamos de Costa Rica506-232-3433San Jose, Costa Rica
Consejo Centroamericano de Instituciones de Seguridad Social123456San Jose, Costa Rica
Cruz Roja Costarricense123456San Jose, Costa Rica
Dental Wellness Clinic506-257-8856Paseo Colon { Frente al Cine Universal} Apdo 3614-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
DentaVac Dental Clinic506-289-4670P.O. Box 906-1250, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
Doctors and Surgeons123456San Jose, Costa Rica
Especialidades Odontologicas506-228-8856San Rafael de Escazu - P.O. Box 4677-1000, San Jose, Costa Rica
Farmacia Sucre Pharmacy506-233-6380Avenida Segunda {2nd Avenue}, San Jose, Costa Rica
Hacienda Del Sol Retreat866-765-7422Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
Hospital Cima San Jose(506)-208-1000San Jose, Costa Rica
Hospital Clinica Biblica(506)-221-3922Calle Central y Calle Primera, Avenida 14, San Jose, Costa Rica
Hospital Clinica Catolica506-283-6616San Antonio de Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa Rica
Hospital Clinica Santa Rita506-221-6433Apartado postal 1444-1002, San Jose, Costa Rica
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