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Abdul Latif Jameel Rehabilitation Hospital and Speciality Clinics966-2-677-001PO Box 114869, Jeddah, 21381 Saudi Arabia
Abha General Hospital966-7-224-0019PO Box 1650, Abha, 21502 Saudi Arabia
Abuzinadah Hospital966(2)6510652Po Box 7360, Jeddah, 21462 Saudi Arabia
Al Ahmadi Hospital966-3-841-0000Po Box 6886, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Al Dossary Hospital966-3-894-5524Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Al Fanateer Hospital123456Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Al Hammadi Hospital966-1-462-2000PO Box 55004, Riyadh, 11534 Saudi Arabia
Al Hamra Hospital966-2-665-3777PO Box 2078, Jeddah, 21451 Saudi Arabia
Al Hayat Hospital966-2-637-4854PO Box 5473, Jeddah, 21422 Saudi Arabia
Al Hayat Pharmacies233545P. O.Box 617, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Al Khaleej Hospital966-4-294-0786Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Al Khobar Hospital966-3-898-7000Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Al Mishari Hospital966-1-4657700P.O.Box 56929, Riyadh, OLAYA, 11564 Saudi Arabia
Al Moghrabi Hospital966-2-639-9822Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Al Noor Specialist Hospital966-2-558-3730PO Box 6251, Mecca, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
Al Salam Hospital966-2-697-0000PO Box 4200, Jeddah, 21491 Saudi Arabia
AlHada National Guard Hospital123456Taif, Saudi Arabia
Almana General Hospital966-3-826-2111PO Box 311, Al Khobra, 31952 Saudi Arabia
Aramco Hospital966-3-877-8000Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Armed Force Hospital966-1-477-7714Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Armed Forces Hospital and No. 150, Al Hada Al-Taif966-2-754-1610Al Hada Mountain, Taif, Saudi Arabia
Asir Central Hospital966-7-225-1155PO Box 34, Abha, Saudi Arabia
Bugshan Hospital966-2-669-1222PO Box 5860, Jeddah, 21432 Saudi Arabia
Chest Hospital966-3-8263854Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Children's Hospital MOH966-2-1234567Tariq Abu Baker, Shubra
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