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Marcos Vinícios Razera*, Valéria de Carvalho Fagundes**, Leonardo Milanesi Possamai***, Bruna Cogo Tempes***, Luciana de Oliveira***, Orlando Carlos Belmonte Wender****, José Carlos Soares de Fraga***
* Department of Pediatrics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil** Department of Neurology, Porto Alegre Clinical Hospital, Brazil***Department of Pediatric Surgery, Porto Alegre Clinical Hospital, Brazil **** Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil

Address for Correspondence: Dr Marcos Vinícios Razera, Rua Gomes Jardim, 372/501 – Bairro Santana – Porto Alegre/RS, Brasil. Email:

A 2950g newly born male child had episodes of stridor since the first hours of life. One month after birth, he was hospitalized with respiratory failure associated with sepsis that led to cardiorespiratory arrest. After clinical management, during a fiberoptic bronchoscopy a pulsatile structure causing tracheal compression was found. An arterial angiography (figure) showed the vascular anatomy. He underwent surgery at 3 months of age and has responded to therapy.

What is the diagnosis_?

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