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Question Category: ENT disorders
ear itching with pus and hear blockage
my daughter was diagnosed with ear infection by a nurse on the cruise and was prescribed antibiotics ! sher can`t hear and its throbbing
Persistent vomiting and high grade fever of 3 days duration in a 4 year old.. Counts .. TLC 14000, Neutrophils 80 percent, CRP 74.. Strongl...
Ear discharge{blood}, sneezing blood can`t open eye lids when laughing mouth moves to the other side all this happened after an accident
sir here is a 2m old baby with stridor, started 2wks after birth .It is mild and no feeding difficulties and xray chest with neck normal, bu...
4 yr old girl had car traffic accident, and brain contusion 5 mo ago ventilated for about 2 months because of low Glasgow coma score tracheo...
my daughter 14 months old she has continuous nasal clear discharge some times got mild fever itching nose she received anti histamine like c...
Hi! My 2 year old son does not speak any word until now but he talks much but we can`t understand what he is saying. He point things, someti...
black coloured ear wax is coming out from my 10months old son. it is neither hard nor liquid type. is there any problem with black colour wa...
what is most common causes earche or otorrhea in children and to management

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