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Question Category: Animal bites, poisoning
honey bee sting ` what is the management_?
if a pt say he has bitten by snake.and he has seen the snake running after bitting and their are mark of cut.Should we start anti snake veno...
cat bite requires any vaccination or not_?
what is route of anti scorpion venoum,can we push iv in 1:1 dilution_?
1}Is there a role for scorpion antivenin beyond 6 hrs of bite. 2}Pulmonary oedema with hypotension. In a case of scorpion bite, how to use...
how dangerous is scorpion sting poison in peaditric patient
a 16 yr old male came with history of weaknesses in both lower limbs. patient is conscious and coherent. vitals stable. there is no history...
Brown recluse bite 5 days old. Treated with oral antibiotics and altabax for 4 days. Is itching around the bite and out away from the bite i...
7 yr child with history of snake bite 7 hrs back presented with complaints of irritability. On exam altered sensorium with shock.with pin po...
3yrs old boy taking too much cough syrup and develop difficulty in breathing and became unconcious. what to do

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