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Question Category: Dermatology
Is there any connection between cracked nipples of a lactating mother and oral candidiasis in her baby_?
1 year old girl with poor hair growth .. is it necessary to prescribe a multi vitamins for her .. or iron supplements .. or just advice for ...
What is the topical application to be given for oral candidiasis in less than six months old babies_?
what is juvenile plantar dermatitis and its management
An itchy non tender solitary nodule in the scrotal skin of a 2 yr old boy. no evidence of scabies. how to go about_? no other symptoms.
1yr old child with multiple small pitting in palms and soles with thickening of the same . present since neonatal period .not painful..mothe...
what is wet dry syndrome and its treatment
in children with pityriasis alba or pityriasis versicolor .. treated with ketoconazole cream. . can the drug applied on skin for only 10 min...
What is the treatment of pyoderma _?
My 11 month old baby had light red bumps on her skin, I believe it`s because of galveston waters, 3 days ago... but I`m not sure, she also h...

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