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Question Category: Respiratory
What is your opinion about using of antihistamincs and mucolytics with bronchdilators for symptomatic treatment of cough in infants with mix...
what should be the treatment of seasonal barking cough in children
What antivirals are recommended for RSV pneumonia ,what is your opinion giving benefit of antibiotics .at what stage you recommend antiviral...
What are the common caused of res in infants,_?_?_?
I have two queries 1} Why LABA with or without ICS not to be used in asthmatic children less than 4 years. Is it because of proven safety c...
at what age breathing pattern changes in children_?_?
fever,cough,chest tightness,dysp noea
Latest treatments for bronchiolitis with rsv
worsening asthma
what causes a child to mouth breath

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