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Question Category: Cardiology
what is d difference between apex beat and and apex impulse_?
What are the signs,symptoms and investigations in anemic heart failure_?
Dose of seldinaphyl in neonatal persistent pulmonary hypertension
in chronic corpumonal with right heart failure can we recommend the patient digoxin
Im 18yrs old my question is, Is everytime paining of left shoulder or left hand a symptom for a heart attack_? my left hand was paining n th...
how long should aspirin be continued in case of kawasaki disease_? how often should be patient followed for 2d echo_? what should be used if...
I have 14 year old child with rheumatic heart disease now presented in cardiac failure plz guide me for emergency management
What is the best treatment for LVH _?_?
hi sir, my baby has 1 year 3 months old. recently I observed her hands little bit sweting even in temparature is cool. is there any problem ...
Dear sir , 1 day old full term 37 week , vaginal delivery , RD after delivery with systolic murmur , Mongolian features ECHO reveals fallot...

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