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doctor, I am a breastfeeding mother of 10months old baby. my periods are not returned yet and I cross checked with urine pregnancy test, the...
dear doctor, I am a mother of 10months old baby I am breast feeding him along with weaning food. my periods are not yet resumed even my brea...
My son got grommrts last friday 28 Nov, and he was fine after operation, we went back for follow-up and doctor said all is fine, but he is v...
at what body temperature should I take my 2 years old kid to the hospital
My kid is 4. Always asking about his real parents. What should I answer!!!
A 2.5 months female baby with clinically normal but her S. Cu 104.5 {Ref 20-70mgm, ml}, Hb 12.2, Factor VIII very high from normal value. Wh...

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