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5years male presented with inability to walk alone. he was not gaining weight {12kg} no other symptoms except polyuria in early life. on ex...
how do we differentiated between kids who is having a dengue fever and HLH_?_? would it be possible if both coexist in one patient_?_?
passing of live flies in stool. Protuberant abdomen
hypertriglyceridemia,hypercholesterolemia,ascites,nephrotic range proteinuria,hypothyroidism,renomegaly,normal lipid profile of parents,norm...
Dear sir: 10years old male child present with sever abdominal pain in right iliac fossa with persistent vomiting high fever lethargic with h...
My 5 month old has unusual bruises on her entire back it started off small so I thought it was an Mongolian spot but it has spred up in the ...
I have a 5 month old baby that has unusual bruises on her her back it started off in a small area of here lower back so I thought it was a M...
3y 6m old girl presented on D7 of illness in our hospital chief complaints pain abdomen, loose stools and fever Initially watery and muc...
fever vomiting mild Diarra abdominal pain not respond to triaxone primpran
macroglossia plus hypoalbuminemiaplus rickets

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