Question Category: Pharmacology
Is hand bag ventilation different from ambu bag ventilation? if so, how?
Hello I wanted to know whether we can do the surya mudra for 48 minutes ?
Suggest some Homeopathy treatment for hearing loss due to meningitis
Thank you doctor for your prompt reply. First of all I would like to congratulate the entire team behind this site. I am sure, every parent...
Is there any side effect of Isoniazid Drug?
What are the side effects to a child under the age of 2 yrs taking ventolin?
Please can you tell me exactly what alum (FITKARI ) IS.. WHERE ALSO CAN IT BE BOUGHT FROM IF NEEDED? THANKS
What does a Gulbaaz plant look like?
Is there any home remedy for treatment of worms in stomach?
My 4 months old baby has eczema. My friend recommended me to apply a mixture of Lavender Oil, Essential Oil and Grapeseed Oil on her affecte...

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