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is there any combitition between ceftrixon and ampiclox. . i mean can i use them together in same pt. a big depiate happened about this issu...
ferrous gluconate 350mg, 5ml = 8mg, ml weight is 1.8 kg what is the dose, day
is it safe to prescribe a crotamiton { eurax cream } to an infant 4 months age complain of scabies_?
is it safe to give omeprazole 10 mg to a 7 years old child with H pylori_?
Can patients add different druges to juices or milk for their child
is it safe to prescribe suprax 100 syrup to infant less than 2 months age_?
My son is 3 years and is having wheeze, we are resident of Bangalore and we understand climate, and hereditary as reasons to his wheeze. We ...
Hi Doctor, my daughter has got palmoplater Karetodermia {even i do} on her feet. Is there a permanent cure of the same_?
for 2 years old infant . asthmatic on singulair granules once daily. .. can we give erythromycin or clarithromycin if needed for that patien...
acyclovir dosage for baby 8 kg how much will you give

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