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Question Category: Nephrology
Role of prophylactic warfarin in nephrotic syndrome_?
How to treat and approach a case of cystitis in pediatric age group_?
What are the causes of frequent urination in a day of a two year old child_?_?_? And what is the treatment_?_?_?
what happens to plasma and urine osmolality in SIADH_?
a three yrs old boy having cough running nose and high fever for three-four days. his reports are as under CRP-80. mg percent.TLC-7800,DLC-P...
if a patient had borderline creatinine clearance,for example 50ml, min,shall we adjust doses of medications_?
My kid is 11 months old, will turn 1 year next week. He urinates around 15-20 times in a day. Is this normal_? What should be the minimu...
3 years old girl present with history of periorbital oedema since 1 month ago .. seen by ophthalmologist and not improved on treatment. . re...
i have stones and its very painful. what diet should i eat_? please respond fast.. i`ve checked internet and find this site.. felt helpfu...
what is the reading for men age 46

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