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Question Category: Genetic and Metabolic
can cerezyme be used in all 3 types of Gaucher disease_? what is d role of miglustat_?
there two boys and and two girl in a family.One boy and one girl are stunted{dwarf} one boy and one one girl are normal growth.TSH is wnl , ...
what is d inheritance if fragile X syndrome_?
if their is h, o DMD in maternal uncle can what r d chances of developing DMD, BMD in child_?
6month old female with history of admission to the hospital 3times, last month because of conulsion due to hypoglycemia.. s.insulin normal c...
is there any role of stem cell therapy in DMD .What is the result and cost ,Which center is giving this i india
causes of thalassemia_?_?_?
child with developmental delay,,froontal bossing, hypertelorism,peg tooth,absent eye brows eye lashes,low lying thumb ...any syndrome
For diagnosis of Down syndrome.. Some time the full pictures of Down syndrome can`t be confirmed clinically and some doctors hesitate to say...
A one year old male patient presented with chronic diarrhea, failure to thrive, polydipsia and polyuria with metabolic acidosis. He has spar...

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