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During pelvic appendicitis means one of my friend has appendix in pelvis region my question was is it compulsory to perform a open surgery r...
Why is it necessary to take blood test before APPENDECTOMY_?_?_? and what is the meaning of pelvis appendix is it dangerous_?
Hi doctor, my 4 month baby has a sacral dimple in his bum crack, and some Mongolian spots on his lower back. His weight gain along with his ...
15 years old girl had abdominal pain mainly at lower abdomen for 3 months , no other symptoms at this time then she had sever pain at rig...
When an anesthesiologist induces anesthesia during an surgery what actually happens in the body_? so as the patient cannot feel the anything...
Im a 12std {SCI}student and i have passed by 12th i wish to go for MBBS as my carrer option. I recently had meet some doctors nearby my area...
In the process of circumcision do we cut FRENULUM_?how do we proceed for these operation_?
In the process of circumcision do we cut FRENULUM_?how do we proceed for these operation_?
a 4 years male child with tongue tile,what is the management _?
My baby has hydroseal on one testes is that a problem and how ican deal with it and when his testes will presist in scrotum perminantly_?

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