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Can Vaxigrip flu vaccine be given to 6 month child
Today one nurse gave my child 5ml of measles-rubella vaccine while child should get just 0.5 ml. There was a vial of MR vaccine containing 5...
Recurrent follicular tonsillitis pts get benefit by pneumococcal vaccination_?
If a child comes at 5 year age for typhoid vaccination, what is shedule of conjugate vaccine _?
can we give messel vaccine 8 month 15 days
Please tell about VAPP , cVDP, iVDP, aVDP. Wrt polio. Up to what time they can ocuur after oral polio._?_? Is breastfeeding to be avoide...
What is the difference between seropositivity and Protective antibody titre after vaccine. Is Clinically seropositivity is said to be p...
Does administration of blood products and immunoglobulin interfere with hepatitis B vaccine protection in neonate. Is an extradose required...
how can i soothe vaccination pain for my baby.. she is 6 weeks old and crying a lot.
My daughter`s DOB is 28th-July-2015. Now She is due for OPV3 plus IPV3 plus DPT3 plus Hib3 plus Rotavirus3No. plus PCV3 on 20th -November-2...

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