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Question Category: Immunology
What is the difference between seropositivity and Protective antibody titre after vaccine. Is Clinically seropositivity is said to be p...
Does administration of blood products and immunoglobulin interfere with hepatitis B vaccine protection in neonate. Is an extradose required...
Is there any medicine to increase immunity in kids from 1to 5 years
can a patient with JRA on embrel be given live immunizations MMR and Varicella_?
Dear Doctor, I would like to know more about Pau D Acor. I was recommemded by a pharmacist that this product is meant to strenghten our b...
1 yr old child presented with loose stools off and on since 6 months with failure to gain weight associated with recurrent chest infections ...
Fevers and Hives My son has been battling fevers and hives for four months. He is 11 months now. The only abnormal blood work he has had ...
child age 3.5 year had recurent fever and throat infection investigation show moderate hypochromic mycrocytic anemia ,serum iron 45 ,esr 1...
Hi dear What does abscence of BCG scar mean_? Does it need to repeat vaccine if no scar form_? Thanks
Which DTwP vaccine to be given as booster at 5 years_?same as used for primary immunisation or infarix

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