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in which age you can give antworm
what is the dose of tab chloroquin for 15 yr 45 kg patient
dr. kindly give me advise about my only son {single child} of 17 yrs who is suffering from some adolescents problem like frequent discharge...
Im 18 yrs old male, What will happen if we swallow our own semen_? will that cause any infection_? or harm to me_?
mother of a neonate is having varicella zoster infection .what precaution is to taken for neonate_?
Im a medical focussed student my question to is, Is medical education in russia good_? means i wish to pursue my MBBS there from russia what...
15 years old girl had on, off abdominal pain mainly at hypochondrium and right iliac fossa since 3 months then she had sever pain at right i...
Im a 12std {SCI}student and i have passed by 12th i wish to go for MBBS as my carrer option. I recently had meet some doctors nearby my area...
supra pupic pain, mild dysurea but no frequency, on examination ther were suprapupic tenderness, normal hymen , urinalysis shows WBC 15-20

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