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dear all, hi the scenario of medical practice is changing. We are culprit for the same. Cut practice , undue charges and investi...
Under Category :  Medical practice
Posted By :  Ketan Shah
Posted On :  25 Jun 2015
Hi all, recently we all paediatricians had a big situation where the vaccines were not available. Especially the chicken pox vacci...
Under Category :  Human Values
Posted By :  kumudhini rathnavelu
Posted On :  29 May 2014
do you know know of any association between nevus spilus and rickets
Under Category :  Medical Education
Posted On :  23 Mar 2013
can the use of aspirin be justified in ischemic stroke in infants where etiology of the stroke could not be determined_?
Under Category :  Medical Education
Posted On :  18 Feb 2013
a 15 yr old male with IDDM, taking insulin from last 10 year admitted with generalized swelling, ascites and hypertension {BP 150,...
Under Category :  General Pediatrics
Posted On :  24 Jan 2013
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