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Posted By :  Dr. kumudhini rathnavelu
Posted On : 29 May 2014
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regarding non availability of vaccines
Hi all, recently we all paediatricians had a big situation where the vaccines were not available. Especially the chicken pox vaccine, when it was most needed. We keep telling about the importance of vaccination and when we do not give it when it is the season for chicken pox, how can we expect our patients to trust us... Am surprised that there is no blog on the issue....
Pentaxim again was not available. All the kids were not given booster does bcoz of non availability.
I am not sure if we can shift from acellular to cellular vaccine... As far as my knowledge goes it shouldn`t .
Any Thoughts on this ....
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just wait
Dr. hemraj soni
16 Jul 2014
Dr. jaya lakshmi
27 Mar 2015
as long as we depend on foreign companies to supply pur vaccines this will continue.we should manufacture our own vaccines

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