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Posted By :  Dr. Jasbir S Chugh
Posted On : 25 Mar 2010
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Increasing incidence of suicides amongst youngsters
Practically every day we read and view the news in news papers and TV news broadcast about youngsters taking their own life. The increasing incidence of suicides is becoming a matter of national concern. Our children and youth are the future of India and it is painful to watch these precious lives being lost.
Various studies show that mental stress due to different reasons is the triggering factor.
The common amongst them is pressure of studies, unfulfilled dreams, failure in examinations, over ambitiousness, failed love affairs, domestic discords, drug addictions, depression and occasionally poverty. Last but not the least, amongst young teenagers is the harsh and inhuman way of ragging in professional colleges.
The pressure of studies is created by parents and school teachers. Now a days parents have over-expectations form their kids and when the latter can’t perform up to the parental expectations, the parents start ill treating the kids. They even go to the extent of beating them black and blue. The ending is unfortunate. The youngsters may take recourse to drugs, become depressed, may become juvenile delinquents and take to crime, run away from home or take the extreme step of committing suicide.
At school most of the time failure to perform well in studies invites humiliation from teachers and peers. Rather than helping the student teachers insult and pooh-pooh a weak student in front of the whole class and the poor kid becomes depressed and resorts to taking his own life.
The solution to this problem though difficult is not impossible. Parents must not create a sense of inferiority complex amongst their children by punishing and insulting them if they are poor in studies. They must give enough time to the kids and try to help solve their problems. They should consult a Psychiatrist or a child psychologist. Parents can very well adjudge the interests of their child in a particular field and help him grow in that direction.
The burden of education must be reduced at schools. The teachers should be guides and friends rather than being tormentors of the students. Every school must have a Psychologist and career counselor to properly guide and help the students.
Schools should encourage sports, extra curricular activities and moral uprightness amongst students. They must not churn out bookworms but all rounder with healthy bodies and minds.
A word to youngsters too. Dream you must but do not fall flat if you fail. Attempt a second time with more courage and vigor. Take recourse to Yoga and Meditation and believe in Lord Krishna’s words in Gita ‘Work hard and leave the result to God’.
Stay cool and calm and do not overstress yourself.
And “Bhaya all is well!”
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