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Kikuchi disease
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A 12 years old girl presented with swelling on left side of neck for 5-6 months which was gradually increasing in size. There was no contact with tuberculosis. On examination, weight was 49 kg, height was 154 cm. She had 4x3 matted cervical adenopathy in left posterior triangle. Other systems were normal. Hemoglobin was 9.4 gm, dl, WBC count was 6,500, cumm {54 percent polymorphs, 42 percent lymphocytes, 4 percent monocytes} with ESR of 25 mm at end of 1 hour. Mantoux test was 20 mm. Chest X-Ray was normal. Fine needle aspiration cytology {FNAC} of the lymph node was done which was suggestive of Kikuchi’s lymphadenopathy.
Expert Opinion :
This child was started on Anti TB treatment. TB culture grew MTB after 6 weeks.
Answer Discussion :
Shahida Badsha
Tuberculous lymphadenitis
3 years ago
enas eljalal
3 years ago
naji ahmed
material from removed L.N should be cultured after 6weeks the result is either plusve for T.b or negative.
Dr. Naji

3 years ago
buthaina Almurbati
Kikuchi disease or necrotizing lymphadenitis . it is self-limited cause of lymphadenitis. Kikuchi disease almost always runs a benign course and resolves in several weeks to months. The most common clinical manifestation is cervical lymphadenopathy, with or without systemic signs and symptoms.
3 years ago
Sudarsan Sundararajan
3 years ago
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