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You can send in a particular difficult case that is leading nowhere in diagnosis and this case is put online, an S.O.S newsletter would be sent to all the registered doctors on Pediatric Oncall. Thus, the pediatric fraternity will join hands together and try and answer the dilemma as fast as possible in this chat forum. It is like an online modified telemedicine
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Is it NK cell deficiency_?
Pediatric Oncall
A 3½ years old girl born of third degree consanguineous marriage presented in Dec 2014 with recurrent fever for the past 8 months. She had suffered from liver abscess in March 2014 {ultrasound showed ....
Epidural and psoas abscess
Pediatric Oncall
A 4½ years old girl presented with fever and frontal headache for 15 days with lower limb tightness for 10 days. Her physician did a cerebrospinal fluid analysis that showed 3900 cells, hpf {78 percen....
Persistent pleural effusion
Pediatric Oncall
A 12 years old boy presented with fever and dry cough for 1 month. He was detected to have right sided pleural effusion. His elder brother had fibrocavitatory TB and was on antituberculous therapy {AT....
Pediatric Oncall
A 2½ years old boy suffering from steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome on cyclophosphamide and steroids and on antituberculous therapy {ATT} since past 10 months was referred for further management. H....
Pediatric Oncall
A 1 year old girl born of non consanguineous marriage presented with fever, cough and cold for 4 days and respiratory distress for one day. She had delayed milestones. Birth history was normal. On exa....
Involuntary movements in a one and a half year old
Pediatric Oncall
A 1½ year old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with involuntary movements of entire body since 6 months. There were no precipitating factors and milestones were normal upto 6 months o....
Pediatric Oncall
A 6 months old boy presented with progressively increasing swelling on right side of abdomen along with jaundice and clay stools for 1 week. He was detected to have hepatoblastoma at 3 months of age f....
What could be happening in this child. Is it an IEM
bhaskar naik
This is a 10 months old female child born to consanguinous parents. Admitted with focal convulsions involving left lower limb. Past history of seizures on day 3 of life, and at 7 months of age, then E....
Spastic Diplegic CP or Neurodegenerative disorder
Kiran Basavaraja
A 5 years old previously normal boy was detected to have gait abnormality at 3.5 years. Parents showed the child to a paediatric orthopaedician who made the diagnosis of spastic diplegic CP and advise....
Acute liver injury with cardiac involvement
Pediatric Oncall
A 5 years old boy presented with generalized edema, 2 episodes of vomiting and respiratory distress. He required ventilatory care and ionotropes in view of ejection fraction of 57 percent. He was dete....

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