Pneumonia In Children : Common Serious Complications, Prognosis


Last Updated : 8/1/2015
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Ira Shah
- Most children with uncomplicated pneumonia recover without sequelae. Persistent effusions and empyemas are the most common serious

complications of bacterial pneumonia

- Pulmonary abscess
- Respiratory distress
- Sepsis
- Pneumatoceles especially with staphylococcal infections

In children who have recurrent or chronic symptoms, further testing including skin testing to identify fungal pathogens, sweat chloride estimation to identify Cystic fibrosis, titers against rare organisms, and bronchoscopy may be required.

The prognosis for most forms of pneumonia is excellent.
- Most cases of

viral pneumonia

resolve without treatment; common bacterial pathogens and atypical organisms respond to antimicrobial therapy.
- The

prognosis for varicella pneumonia

is somewhat more guarded.
- Staphylococcal pneumonia, although rare, can be very serious despite treatment.
- Immunocompromised children, those with underlying lung disease, and neonates are at high risk for severe sequelae.
- Some forms of viral pneumonia, particularly adenoviral disease, tend to cause bronchiolitis obliterans and hyperlucent lung syndrome.

Contributor Information and Disclosures Ira Shah
Consultant Pediatrician, B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India

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Contributor Information and Disclosures

Last Updated : 8/1/2015
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