Vasculitis in Children – Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment


Last Updated : 12/6/2010
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What is the vasculitis?
Inflammation of blood vessels is called as vasculitis. Depending on the size of the blood vessel and the organ of the body which is being supplied by the vessel, symptoms occur.

What the

symptoms of vasculitis


If the skin is involved, then child may present with rash (called as purpura). Involvement of kidney may lead to loss of blood and proteins in urine. Joint involvement may lead to arthritis. Other organs that can be involved are heart (can lead to pain and failure and fluid collection), brain (can lead to fits), liver (can lead to hepatitis) and even the intestines (can lead to colicky pain in abdomen).

What are the most common

causes of vasculitis


The most common cause of vasculitis is a secondary hypersensitivity reaction that resolves when the primary disease is treated. Primary disease can be in form of Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Henoch Schnolein Purpura (HSP), Wegener's Granulomatosis, Periarteritis nodosa (PAN), Kawasaki's disease etc.

How is vasculitis diagnosed


Vasculitis is suspected on clinical grounds and biopsy helps to confirm the same. Most often skin biopsy is done. If kidney is affected, kidney biopsy is done. Blood tests help to determine the primary autoimmune Disorder. Kawasaki disease is identified clinically.

What is the
treatment of vasculitis

Treatment depends on the diagnosis and in most cases; steroids are required to control the hypersensitivity. Dose and duration of steroids have to be adjusted as per the disease and should be taken under a doctor's guidance.

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