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can we give phenargan, hydroxyzine in Less than 6months child for rashes or cold
Author :   pushpa latha
Last Activity : 9/21/2015
Replies : 29
two yrs old boy having cyclical fever for last 5 months,fever comes ever 15-18 days.relieved after t...
Last Activity : 9/14/2014
Replies : 3
hi..i am working in a phc.parents bring their child for common cold, if we do not prescribe an antib...
Author :   abinaya radhakrishnan
Last Activity : 5/10/2014
Replies : 4
What is the rational behind Syp norflox plusmetrogyl combination.Metrogyl is given 8 hrly norflox 12...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 1/28/2014
Replies : 2
6 yr old child developed repeated episodes of peri ungual excoriation of hands. How to manage the pr...
Author :   rajendra
Last Activity : 12/7/2013
Replies : 0
what is the criteria to start ATT IN CHILD having mesentric lymphadnopathy
Last Activity : 10/27/2013
Replies : 1
what is the criteria to use diethyl carbamazine in children_?what is the limit of AEC above which DE...
Last Activity : 5/19/2013
Replies : 1
what is the importance of quantiferon gold test how much weightage should be given to the of positiv...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 7/8/2012
Replies : 0
kindly dscuss treatment of thumb sucking

Author :   Sarvdobhal
Last Activity : 7/2/2012
Replies : 0
Is writing diagnosis like this is correct-
B, L pneumonitis cause _?Pulm Koch`s with PEM GRADE...

Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 6/10/2012
Replies : 0

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