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In neontal sepsis up to how low plateletes we can wait for transfusion if there is no active bleedin...
Author :   shaukat panjawani
Last Activity : 7/28/2015
Replies : 15
a 7 yrs old girl having high grade fever for 7 days , mod splenomegaly present, usg shows mild asci...
Last Activity : 10/27/2013
Replies : 1
4 years old girl
For 5 months she has been coughing .When go to a pediatrist for this reason, doc...

Author :   Sebnem Onen
Last Activity : 6/21/2012
Replies : 2
My 8 yrs old son is suffering from acute hemolysis as diagonised by the peadratician.In the innitial...
Author :  
Last Activity : 6/15/2012
Replies : 1
there is case of four months old ,it is seventh child of non consigious marriage. Baby presented wit...
Author :   Dr Vinod
Last Activity : 6/15/2012
Replies : 3
how to diagnose when thallesemia coexist with iron defeciency anemia
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 6/15/2012
Replies : 2
Each lab as we all know has its own reference values for PTperPTT.If the results are only raised mar...
Author :   muhamed shereef
Last Activity : 2/27/2012
Replies : 1
how to diagnose thallesemia with iron deficiency anemia.
like severe anemia case where GBP shows ...

Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 2/7/2012
Replies : 1
a 6 yrs old boy came with off and on fever and progressive distention of abdomen.on examination he h...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 11/15/2011
Replies : 3
What are supplementss in thalasemia_? When to think about chelation therapy.
Author :   bharti garg
Last Activity : 7/13/2011
Replies : 1

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