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can we give hep A vacc and varicella vaccine together
Last Activity : 3/27/2013
Replies : 1
What should be the minimum difference between MMR vaccine and Pentaxime {DPT, Hib, ipv Combi}
Last Activity : 3/8/2013
Replies : 1
In terms of efficacy which one is better whole cell pertussis vaccine or the acellular pertussis vac...
Author :   ravi bhatia
Last Activity : 12/31/2012
Replies : 1
NB delivered in a nursing home whose mother refused TT during preg.Does the neonate need any vaccine...
Author :   sangeeta kumar
Last Activity : 8/19/2012
Replies : 0
what are the views regarding synflorix_? is this useful in indian population_?what about its efficac...
Last Activity : 2/27/2012
Replies : 1
what happens to the 45 days old baby who received Typhoid vaccine insted of the 1st Pentavalent vacc...
Author :   Shaji Elias
Last Activity : 10/11/2011
Replies : 1
hello sir, i have a querry , if cold storage of vaccines is not maintained apart from that the vacci...
Author :   DrMohit Kehar
Last Activity : 9/26/2011
Replies : 0
I would like to know if BCG vaccine be applied on a 6yr old who didn`t received it at birth because ...
Author :   Jose Samos
Last Activity : 9/8/2011
Replies : 2
I want to know what adverse reactions can happen if BCG is inadvertently administered Intra-muscular...
Author :   Tanuj Aggarwal
Last Activity : 5/7/2011
Replies : 0
Hi all,

I think all are aware of oral polio vaccine and the plastic dispenser in which we ge...

Author :   Kumudhini Suresh
Last Activity : 9/15/2010
Replies : 0

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