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Best co therapy for colistin
Author :   valapala venkatesh
Last Activity : 9/20/2015
Replies : 0
Hi all, i am a person who would like to give minimum medication to a kid, as per the need. I do very...
Author :   Kumudhini Suresh
Last Activity : 12/27/2013
Replies : 2
What is the main effect of Beta-blocker on activity of A.V node
Author :   Muhammad Burhan
Last Activity : 12/27/2013
Replies : 0
can any one explain the difference and indication of use inj kapilin and Inj kenadion .
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 3/27/2012
Replies : 0
Are Colourless Expectorants useful in asthamatic patients
Author :   EdselPeter
Last Activity : 7/24/2011
Replies : 2
in patients of encephalitis , meningitis who r on maintenance ISO P .can we give 24 hrs fluid in 20...
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 6/15/2011
Replies : 1
Author :   sundeep nigam
Last Activity : 11/8/2010
Replies : 1
what is minimum age guidelines for salbutamol and terbutaline
Author :   M Tiwari
Last Activity : 10/8/2010
Replies : 0
please tell me dosage of levofloxacin for children.
Author :   suresh ananth
Last Activity : 5/31/2010
Replies : 1
hai , i am a MD in pharmacology and my interests mainly pertain to the field of pharmacovigilance. I...
Author :   r sai nathan
Last Activity : 4/15/2010
Replies : 0

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