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Posted By :  Dr.  SUNDEEP NIGAM
Posted On : 9/24/2013 9:23 AM
mesentric lymphadenopathy in children ?
what is the criteria to start ATT IN CHILD having mesentric lymphadnopathy
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Instead of answering your question.. ie criteria for starting antituberculous treatment for mesenteric lymph node.. , .i am asking few question back.. 1.What is the chance of mesenteric lymph node enlargement due to tuberculous etiology .. 2. Most of us see USG report mentionin this and attributing this to recurrent abdominal pain etc..Can you say USG reported lymphadenopathya lone is due to tuberculous .{ Something equivalant to a primary complex in lung..}
My answer is NO .. to both of the above questions ,,
Why ..
Going back to basics of tuberculosis in a child ... What is the chance of GI entry of tuberculosis bacteria and incidence of GI tuberculosis ,, compared to pulmonary . {Among the extra pulmonary tuberculosis , GI is less common than most others...}..
What is the chance of a GI involvement without pulmonary
Even if this occurs what is the chance of lymph node enlargement alone as a presentation _?
So mesenteric lymph node enlargement alone , that too by USG need not be considered as an indication for ATT..........

10/27/2013 9:32:57 AM

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