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Posted On : 10/31/2012 6:17 AM
Diabetics Ketoacdosis _?_?_?_?_?_? ?
A 12 year male is brought to emergency department of mayo hospital, Lahore via ambulance with a report of being found unresponsive. The report given by the mother that she was out of city and had not seen the child for 24 hours, came home to find her son lying on the bed,lethargy,shortness of breath, dry lips unresponsive. Copious quantities of black colored vomit were evident.
Blood pressure-70, 40 mmHg
Heart rate- 123b, min
Respiration- 32, min
Oral temperature- 37.6 C
Glucose-36 mmol, l
Pulse oxymetry- 100 on room air
General- an approximately 35 kg, thin male, drowsy, but rousable, orientated to person, not place or time.
His lungs are clear. His reparatory pattern is that of rapid and deep breathing {Kussmaul breathing}, acidotic breathing, shocked.
Abdominal examination is negative. No others findings on PE
Medical History` Nil
Chronic Medication` Nil
Allergies` Nil
Multiple GP visits` fatigue due to puberty
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